Maritime Forest in Bradley Beach

Planting to prevent destruction; it is more than just dune grass.  The northeast corner of Bradley Beach, NJ near the tip of Fletcher Lake and the border of Ocean Grove, NJ was just a hard-packed gravel lot where the Boro kept their lifeguard stands and beach lockers in the off season.  Once Sandy’s storm surge over-topped our dunes and bulk-headed boardwalk this area served as a ramp to quickly bring the water and sand into the town and the lake.  Not ideal.

But Captain Al Modjeski had another vision for the site, he wanted to plant a Maritime Forest, which is what probably existed naturally before the area was developed.  The site was dug up, planted with native plants which will allow storm-water to infiltrate, it will provide protection from storm surge and beautify the area.  3 minute video here.

Still photo gallery here