Lavallette Dune Grass Planting

We have purchased 35,000 plugs to plant this fall.

Come out and help us strengthen our coasts!

Scheduled Planting

November 9th Lavallette,  9AM – Facebook event

Wear weather appropriate clothes, bring garden gloves (if you care if your hands get dirty), bring an old broom handle to dig the holes for plugs.

We will also be doing Beach Clean-ups at each event!

Children welcome!

The Chapter has purchased 35,000 dune grass “plugs” (bare root material) for the above plantings in addition to providing the volunteers.  We plan to do more in the Spring.  Help us defray the cost of this natural form of beach protection and replenishment.  You can donate any amount, but $14 buys 100 plugs of dune grass.  We’ll still get the truck rentals and the light refreshments for volunteers. But please consider $14 to help us plant even more dune grass.