Rethinking Temporary Shelter

Now these folks are rethinking! First, a video (OK is a promotional video but it is cool).  If disaster strikes I want one of these!

And this fellow just won a coveted prize in architecture, the Pritkzer prize, for designing temporary shelters with the main support coming from cardboard tubes.  Be ready to change your mind about what temporary is though. TED Video here

TED Blog page here

NPR News story here by Joel Rose




Editorial – Press of AC, Sandy’s Lesson’s Painful & Difficult

Editorial from the Press of Atlantic City, originally printed on Monday, October 28, 2013. Hurricane Sandy taught us all many lessons. But now, a year later, as an estimated 26,000 New Jersey residents remain out of their homes and as complaints grow about the maddeningly slow pace of many recovery programs, Professor Seneca’s lesson is one of the more important ones to keep in mind.

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Was NJ Smarter than the Storm…

Original article in the Star Ledger – September 27, 2013
Written By Grant Salmon

News broke last week that the fire that burned down the Seaside boardwalk was caused by degraded electrical wiring. According to reports, this electrical line had been submerged in sand and salt water by Hurricane Sandy. Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato said the faulty wiring — located beneath the boardwalk — was “completely inaccessible” to humans.

This statement is misguided. I have walked past the frozen custard stand where the blaze originated at least a dozen times since the storm struck last year. Anybody who knows what the Seaside boardwalk looked like surely understands that a marvel of modern engineering this structure was not. According to Coronato, “You have to tear down the entire building to get to the wire.” That’s about right: Deconstruct a few of the shanty-style shops, pull back a few wooden planks, and access the void underneath the boardwalk to execute a proper inspection.  Read original article here.