Rethinking Temporary Shelter

Now these folks are rethinking! First, a video (OK is a promotional video but it is cool).  If disaster strikes I want one of these!

And this fellow just won a coveted prize in architecture, the Pritkzer prize, for designing temporary shelters with the main support coming from cardboard tubes.  Be ready to change your mind about what temporary is though. TED Video here

TED Blog page here

NPR News story here by Joel Rose




Rebuild One City Event in Asbury Park

Rebuild by Design will be holding an event in Asbury Park to bring the City together around the idea of resiliency.  The event will prepare the City for real planning that will make Asbury Park better able to handle the next big storm.

Come join us on March 22nd for a parade that will bring Asbury together, from West to East and highlight examples of resiliency, ending with a party at Langosta Lounge, 12 Noon to 4PM.

Paying for Extreme Weather

Yes, we want you to Rethink the Jersey Shore and the entire coast.  But US Strong wants us to re-think how we pay for all of this stuff.  We are approaching the anniversary of the day Congress passed a Sandy relief bill.  It only took them 91 days.  Here are stories from 1/22/14 about US Strong’s Plan to make sure that does not happen again.  Kirk Moore’s article in the Asbury Park Press, Continue reading “Paying for Extreme Weather”

Report on National Flood Insurance Program, NFIP

The Union of Concerned Scientists put out an excellent report on the National Flood Insurance Program called Overwhelming Risk: Rethinking Flood Insurance in a World of Rising Seas.   Hey, they got our name in there, Rethink, so we thought we’d take a look.
This is an excellent report with details about what states carry the most risk, which state have the most properties in the program, and the value of those properties insured, again, broken down by state.  There are excellent recommendations as well for how to save the program for the future.

Maritime Forest in Bradley Beach

Planting to prevent destruction; it is more than just dune grass.  The northeast corner of Bradley Beach, NJ near the tip of Fletcher Lake and the border of Ocean Grove, NJ was just a hard-packed gravel lot where the Boro kept their lifeguard stands and beach lockers in the off season.  Once Sandy’s storm surge over-topped our dunes and bulk-headed boardwalk this area served as a ramp to quickly bring the water and sand into the town and the lake.  Not ideal.

But Captain Al Modjeski had another vision for the site, he wanted to plant a Maritime Forest, which is what probably existed naturally before the area was developed.  The site was dug up, planted with native plants which will allow storm-water to infiltrate, it will provide protection from storm surge and beautify the area.  3 minute video here.

Still photo gallery here