Op-Ed on Insurance Companies and Climate Change

Note this piece says we are “socializing the risk” for sea level rise in places like Florida.  Remember the other side – that we privatizing the benefit (living near the water.) Eugene Linden in the LA Times

We wrote about this insurance company lawsuit against municipalities before, with the company claiming the towns should have known and prepared for the damage caused by flooding and sea level rise.  We will follow it closely.



Rebuild by Design Winners!

Over 150 teams submitted proposals to make the NY / NJ region more resilient, ten finalists were selected and the winning six designs were announced yesterday by HUD Secretary Sean Donovan.  This finishes a year an a half long process where HUD promised to create areas where the rebuilding was not business as usual.

Congrats to all the winners, there are some terrific, very forward-thinking designs in there.  We have to admit we are a little disappointed that nothing along the Jersey Shore was selected.  Story on NJ.com by Erin O’Neill of the Star Ledger

Re-think Dutch Style, Let the Water In

As a country below sea-level, the Netherlands has been dealing with water issues for centuries.  In the 1950’s they  began building the Delta Works, a series of massive barriers built to protect against the 10,000-year storm.  They have stopped doing that since they don’t believe it is possible anymore in the face of sea level rise.  They have re-thought their approach which is now to let the water in and live with the water.  Henk Ovik was in charge of this in the Netherlands and was brought to the US to guide the Rebuild by Design competition.  More on the man in the NY Times from April 9, 2014 by Russell Shorto http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/13/magazine/how-to-think-like-the-dutch-in-a-post-sandy-world.html

Rethinking Temporary Shelter

Now these folks are rethinking! First, a video (OK is a promotional video but it is cool).  If disaster strikes I want one of these!

And this fellow just won a coveted prize in architecture, the Pritkzer prize, for designing temporary shelters with the main support coming from cardboard tubes.  Be ready to change your mind about what temporary is though. TED Video here

TED Blog page here

NPR News story here by Joel Rose