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Now is the time to make sure our government understands the importance of intelligent rebuilding strategies for our coastal areas.

Coastal Relocation Part 2 – Long Point Floaters
17 Jan


Everyone thinks the Pilgrims landed at what is now Plymouth, MA. But the truth is the ...

Coastal Relocation Part 1
23 Dec


We offer a series of posts about planned coastal relocation. Many people think retreat is ...

Jenkinson’s Lawsuit on Dunes / Easements
19 Dec


Oh boy, this sure does complicate things. Now big beach businesses are pushing back, ...

The Politics of Building Dunes
02 Dec


Natural dunes are something that everyone in a coastal community supports. Man-made dunes, ...

Environmentalists with Calculators
26 Nov


Or is it accountants with coastal properties? Whatever. The point is that these folks ...

Splinters & Sand – Two Years Later
19 Nov


We highly recommend the 20 minute video from Ledger Live called Splinters and Sand made 3 ...

Splinters and Sand – the Emotion of Rebuilding
17 Nov


We continue with Sandy anniversary themed posts because for many, the indelible memories ...

Two Years Later – One Buyout Story
30 Oct


On this second anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, we want to focus on a few stories where ...

Typhoon Vongfong Moves Towards Japan
09 Oct


This is the strongest storm of the year and one of the strongest ever recorded. Rivaling ...

The $100 Billion Hurricane
19 Sep


Think a $100 billion hurricane can’t happen; think again. It already has. The ...