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Now is the time to make sure our government understands the importance of intelligent rebuilding strategies for our coastal areas.

Beachfill and Safety
11 Aug


Beach replenishment is one of the only tools in the Army Corps of Engineers’ ...

Hansen Predicts 10 Feet of Sea Level Rise by 2100
23 Jul


Former NASA Scientist and preeminent climate predictor James Hansen has released a new ...

Security Theater
04 Jun


The big news this week was that the Transportation Security Administration, TSA, failed ...

2.5 Years Later Only 10% with NJ State Aid Have Rebuilt
29 Apr


The $24 Million Mile
22 Apr


Beach replenishment has always been expensive, and we can distinctly remember a project in ...

Coastal Relocation Part 5
27 Feb


The Subtitle on this one is – How an historic Nor’easter, and Act of Congress, ...

Coastal Relocation 4 – Staten Island After Sandy
19 Feb


Most of us in the area know that the State of NY moved quickly on relocating whole Staten ...

Coastal Relocation Part 3
02 Feb


This is more like unplanned retreat than coastal relocation. But here is what can happen ...

Coastal Relocation Part 2 – Long Point Floaters
17 Jan


Everyone thinks the Pilgrims landed at what is now Plymouth, MA. But the truth is the ...

Coastal Relocation Part 1
23 Dec


We offer a series of posts about planned coastal relocation. Many people think retreat is ...